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Broadband Light Source
(1250 ~ 1650nm)
Light Source for FTTP
(1250 ~ 1600nm)
S+C+L-Band Light Source
(1420 ~ 1650nm)
C+L-Band Light Source
(1480 ~ 1650nm)
OCT-Medical Light Source
(1260 ~ 1350nm)
Near IR Broadband Source 
(680, 800, 980, 1060nm)
ASE C-band Light Source
Customized Light Source
O/E Convertor

O/E Convertor

This device is a compact portable instrument that converts the incoming optical signal into electrical signal to be analyzed by an oscilloscope or sampling scope. Its broadband response (up to 10 GHz) is ideal for measuring modulator waveform, transmitter eye diagram, and laser pulses, etc., for today’s advanced fiber optic components and systems. Powered by an external DC supply, this unit can be conveniently attached to the scope through the microwave type-N connector, and accepts the incoming optical signal through the FC/PC adaptor.

  Features Applications
Compact and Portable-Directly Connected to Sampling Scope Through Type-N Connector.
High Frequency Response-For 12.5Gb/s applications.
High Sensitivity-20dBm at 1x10-10 BER.
Wide Spectral Response-1100 ~ 1600nm.
High Optical Return Loss-30dB Typical.
Standard FC/PC Optical Input.
Low Pulse Aberration.
High-Speed Laser and Modulator Testing.
Fiber Optical Active Components Testing.
Eye Diagram Analysis.
Optical Power Meter.
Optical Time Domain and Frequency Domain Aanlysis.
Active Wavelength
1100 ~ 1600nm
> 0.7 A/W at 1550nm
Transimpedance Gain
500 Ohm
Output Impedance
50 Ohm
Conversion Gain (into 50 Ohm load)
> 350 V/W at 1550nm
Sensitivity (at BER=1x10-10)
-20 dBm
Analog 3-dB Bandwidth
100kHz to 9.0 GHz
Max Input Optical Power
0 dBm (Peak)
Optical Input Reflectance
-27 dB Max
Optical Input
FC/PC Single Mode
Electrical Output
Type-N Male, AC-Coupled
Unit Dimensions (Excluding adaptors)
L122 x W81 x H46 mm
< 2 lb
Power Supply Electrical Rating
110VAC Input, ±15VDC Output (DIN-5 Connector)
Power Supply Dimension
L115 x W66 x H48 mm
Power Consumption
< 500mW
Operating Temperature
-5 to 70°C



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