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  Link-Broadband light source


  Low-cost ASE C-band Light Source 
  Link-O/E Convertor

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, Infinon Research is an industrial leading provider of advanced testing equipments and module/sub-systems for the fiber-optics communication industry.


In order to meet today's highly competitive fiber optic communication market, we combine our optical, mechanical, and electrical expertise to deliver a broad range of high-end optical products for your research, development, and manufacturing needs. Our in-house platforms include optical fiber processing, micro-optics fabrication, semiconductor device packaging, electronic circuit design/fabrication, module/system integration, and product testing. Our goal is, by working closely with our customers, help the industry to establish a new generation of fiber optic components/modules arena that clearly addresses high performance, low cost, and advanced functionalities for today and tomorrow's metro and access networks, and bring the advantages of high-speed optical communication to every end-user like you.

We would like to listen to your requirements, and we would like to present you how our advanced technology will be able to provide significant extra value to your products and services.
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