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  Product List
Broadband Light Source
(1250 ~ 1650nm)
Special Applications:
Light Source for FTTx
(1250 ~ 1600nm)
S+C+L-Band Light Source
(1420 ~ 1650nm)
C+L-Band Light Source
(1480 ~ 1650nm)
OCT-Medical Light Source
(1260 ~ 1350nm)
Near IR Broadband Source 
(680, 800, 980, 1060nm)
ASE C-band Light Source
Customized Light Source
O/E Convertor

ASE Broadband Light Source

The Infini-LightTM Stabilized ASE Broadband Source provides a broadband stable light source over the C-band range telecommunication applications. It incorporates highly accurate control of high-power pump laser with Erbium-doped fiber to achieve superior stability. Available external modulation allows the use of lock-in amplifiers for high sensitivity measurement and data communications. The low degree of polarization output and high output islation provides accurate and consistent measurement for high PDL or PDλ components.

  Optical Specifications
Wavelength Range


Peak Power Density (dBm/nm)
> -5.0
Total Output Power (mW)
> 9.0
Power Stability (dB) in 15 Minutes
< +/-0.02
Degree of Polarization (%)

< 5

External Modulation (Hz)

0 ~ 100


  Mechanical and Electrical Specifications:
Dimension: L190 x W148 x H67mm Applications:

Material Spectral Analysis.
WDM Components Manufacturing and Testing.
Telecomm and Datacomm System.

Optical Coherence Tomography.

Weight: < 5.0 lb.
Enclosure: ABS case. Metal Panel
Optical Connector: FC/APC; SC/APC
Fiber Type: SMF-28
Input Power: 20W, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.
External Modulation 0 ~ 100 Hz
Operating Temperature: 10 ~ 40°C
Ordering Information:
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