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  Product List
Broadband Light Source
(1250 ~ 1650nm)
Special Applications:
Light Source for FTTx
(1250 ~ 1600nm)
S+C+L-Band Light Source
(1420 ~ 1650nm)
C+L-Band Light Source
(1480 ~ 1650nm)
OCT-Medical Light Source
(1260 ~ 1350nm)
Near IR Broadband Source 
(680, 800, 980, 1060nm)
ASE C-band Light Source
O/E Convertor

Customized Light Source

 Infinon Research provides a special service for our customers to integrated customer-supplied semiconductor light emitters (either LED or laser) into a user-friendly turn-key system. We utilize precision temperature and current control to achieve superior stability across wide operating temperature. 

Please contact us for your special requirements.






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