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  Product List
Broadband Light Source
(1250 ~ 1650nm)
Light Source for FTTP
(1250 ~ 1600nm)
S+C+L-Band Light Source
(1420 ~ 1650nm)
C+L-Band Light Source
(1480 ~ 1650nm)
OCT-Medical Light Source
(1260 ~ 1350nm)
Near IR Broadband Source 
(680, 800, 980, 1060nm)
ASE C-band Light Source
O/E Convertor


 Based on Infinon Research’s revolutionary fiber processing technology, this module is an effective device that depolarizes the broadband input light into a low polarization state. The compact, low-cost design provides an economical solution for today’s Raman amplifier without using double pump lasers and polarization beam combiners. It can also be used with a light source to achieve low degree of polarization to provide consistent testing results for high PDL and PDλ components.

  Features Applications
Low Insertion Loss.
Low Residue DOP.
Broad Wavelength Range.
Small Effective Light Source Bandwidth.
High Environmental Stability.
Telcordia 1221 Qualified.
WDM Testing Equipments.
Spectral Analysis.
Raman Amplifiers.
Operating Wavelength Range
1250 ~ 1650 nm
Minimum Effective Light Source Bandwidth


Typical Insertion Loss
1.0 dB
Residue Degree of Polarization
Return Loss >50dB
Maximum Optical Power Handling
Operating Temperature -5 to 65 °C
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 °C
Fiber Type
SMF-28 (Input and Output)


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